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The Gladstone Plan

The Planning Scheme for the City of Gladstone, The Gladstone Plan, was adopted by Council on the 12th December 2006 and came into effect on the 29th December 2006.

Download individual Gladstone Plan documents:

  1. Scheme Document (PDF 1.65MB)
  2. Scheme Maps (PDF 11.23MB)
    1. Superseded Maps (PDF 5.92MB)
  3. Zoning Map (PDF 1.56MB) Amended 15/04/2013
    1. Superseded Map (PDF 1.39MB) Amended 17/01/2012
    2. Superseded Map (PDF 1.80MB) Amended 07/08/2012
  4. Engineering Standards
    1. Roads (PDF 5.7MB)
    2. Sewer (PDF 1.1MB)
    3. Drainage (PDF 3.1MB)
    4. Water (PDF 3.3MB)
  5. Supporting Documents
    1. CBD Redevelopment Study (PDF 19MB)
    2. Retail Study (PDF 2.7MB)
    3. Structure Plan (PDF 3.8MB)
    4. Infrastructure Policies
      1. Parkland Contributions 2 (PDF 256KB)
      2. Parkland Contributions 5 (PDF 81KB)
      3. Road Transport Infrastructure Policy (PDF 2.71MB)
      4. Water and Sewer (PDF 3.99MB)
  6. Endnotes (PDF 36KB)

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