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Welcome to the Calliope Shire Planning Scheme 2007 website which has been designed to give you information on the new planning scheme.

The Planning Scheme consists of a written document supported by a number of maps.  The written document can be viewed by selecting the Scheme Documents link and the supporting maps can be viewed by selecting the Scheme Maps link. Together these two components form the Calliope Shire Planning Scheme 2007, which was adopted on the 13th April and gazetted on the 27th April 2007.

The planning scheme will be the key document in managing growth in the Shire over the next 7 to 10 years.   Community involvement is essential to ensure our planning scheme guides this growth in a way that meets community expectations. 

We hope you find this website a useful tool for obtaining information on the scheme.  If you have any questions on any aspect of the scheme, please contact us


›› Planning Scheme Press Release




From the 15 March 2008, Calliope Shire Council amalgamated with:-

  • Gladstone City Council
  • Miriam Vale Shire
  • The Gladstone Calliope Aerodrome Board

To form the new Gladstone Regional Council.

All the local laws and policies of these former authorities continue to apply within the former Council areas until they are amended by the new Council. This process will take a significant amount of time. As the new Council formulates its laws and policies they will appear on the new Gladstone Regional Council website and old laws and policies will be removed from this site. Over time this website will be closed down and you will find all relevant information regarding Gladstone Regional Council planning scheme on the new site.




To view pdfs you can download Acrobat Reader for free.